Physician Supervised Weight Loss

Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals with Our Physician-Directed Methods in South Barrington, IL!

Shedding excess weight is an aesthetic and wellness goal that is common for both men and women. While there are many fad diets that promise dynamic, fast results, many of these solutions are not physician approved and do not promote real, sustainable weight loss. At Rejuva Aesthetics and Wellness Center, we offer multiple solutions to help you achieve your weight loss goals safely and successfully.

Serving South Barrington, Illinois, and surrounding areas, Rejuva Aesthetics and Wellness Center is led by an experienced and dedicated medical team. Contact us today to schedule a consultation – your weight loss journey begins at Rejuva.

What is Physician-Directed Weight Loss?

According to recent studies, weight loss is the most sustainable when it is approached from a whole body perspective. Fad diets trending diets tend to follow a cookie cutter protocol that has everyone following the same diet and exercise program. This is not conducive to real, sustainable weight loss. At Rejuva, our weight loss protocols are prescribed and supervised by physicians and are completely tailored to the individual for results that work for your body.

What Can I Expect from my Weight Loss Consultation?

When it comes to weight loss, no two individuals have the same dietary and exercise needs. At Rejuva, Dr. Hyder and our medical team have several years of experience in guiding our patients through weight loss programs that not only improve aesthetic appearance but that also promote overall health from the inside out. During your consultation, we will spend time getting to know you and create a plan for long-term success based on your needs and goals.

It can be difficult to stay motivated when dieting on your own, but Dr. Hyder and our medical team at Rejuva will guide you every step of the way and monitor your progress to ensure that your goals are met.

HCG Injections

One of the weight management protocols we offer are injections of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone primarily produced by pregnant women that aids in the nourishment of a developing fetus. When used in conjunction with a low-calorie diet, HCG can help not only burn fat instead of muscle but can also “reset” the metabolism for long-lasting results even after the diet is complete.

Vitality Drops

This program has resulted in a loss of 20-40 pounds in a 4-6 week period for many patients and consists of intaking essential amino acids under the tongue up to three times a day. These Vitality drops target fat storage areas in the body and break down fat cells. When paired with a low-calorie diet and a balanced nutrition plan, this program has a high rate of patient satisfaction and is easy to fit into your daily routine.

FDA-Approved Medications

For individuals who are overweight or obese, our safe and effective weight loss medications approved by the FDA can help. These medications only provide mild results as a standalone program, but when paired with an appropriate diet and exercise program at Rejuva, this treatment option can give your body the extra boost it needs to help you achieve your weight loss goals. These medications are only available when prescribed by a physician, and Dr. Hyder will determine during your consultation whether this option is right for you.

Contact Rejuva Aesthetics and Wellness Center today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hyder and our medical team and get started on your journey to a slimmer, healthier body with our tailored weight loss solutions.